What is the Dignity for All Students Act? 

New York State’s Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act) seeks to provide the State’s public elementary and secondary school students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment, and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function.


Clarkstown Central School District Website

Bardonia Elementary School:

Christina Arlt, Principal (carlt@ccsd.edu)

Rita Schmidt, School Psychologist (rschmidt@ccsd.edu)

Birchwood School:

Jon Slaybaugh, Principal (jslaybaugh@ccsd.edu)

Susan Buchweitz, Social Worker (sbuchweitz@ccsd.edu)

Joseph Yanni, School Psychologist (jyanni@ccsd.edu)

Lakewood Elementary School:

Dr. Joan Taylor. Principal (jtaylor@ccsd.edu)

Dr. Ann Harnett, School Psychologist (aharnett@ccsd.edu)

Jennifer Wolf, Student Assistance Counselor (jwolf@ccsd.edu)

Laurel Plains Elementary School:

Carol Pilla, Principal (cpilla@ccsd.edu)

Caryn Friedland, School Psychologist (cfriedland@ccsd.edu)

Link Elementary School:

Francine Cuccia, Principal (fcuccia2@ccsd.edu)

Jennifer Grundstein, School Psychologist (jgrundstein@ccsd.edu)

Andrea Zaris, Student Assistance Counselor (azaris@ccsd.edu)

Little Tor Elementary School:

Matthew Younghans, Principal (myounghans@ccsd.edu)

Kristen Byrne, School Psychologist (kbyrne@ccsd.edu)

New City Elementary School:

Debra Forman, Principal (dforman@ccsd.edu)

Dara Nevins, School Psychologist (dnevins@ccsd.edu)

Chip James, Student Assistance Counselor (Djames@ccsd.edu

Strawtown Elementary School:

Martha Ryan, Principal (mryan@ccsd.edu)

Dr. Beth Bennett, School Psychologist (ebennett@ccsd.edu)

George Groth, School Psychologist (ggroth@ccsd.edu)

Theresa Dowd, Student Assistance Counselor (tdowd@ccsd.edu)

West Nyack Elementary School: 

Annie Streiff, Principal (astreiff@ccsd.edu)

Elyse Hausner (ehausner@ccsd.edu)

Nicole Katz (nkatz@ccsd.edu)

Woodglen Elementary School: 

Lisa Maher, Principal (lmaher@ccsd.edu)

Amy Meltzer (ameltzer@ccsd.edu)

Meredith Grant, School Psychologist (mgrant@ccsd.edu)

Theresa Dowd, Student Assistance Counselor (tdowd@ccsd.edu)

Felix Festa Middle School:

Christine Madigan, Assistant Principal (cmadigan@ccsd.edu)

Scott Lercher, Assistant Principal (slercher@ccsd.edu)

Dr. Max O'Casey, Assistant Principal (mocasey@ccsd.edu)

Clarkstown High School North:

Harry Leonardatos, Principal (hleonardatos@ccsd.edu)

Amy Pages, Assistant Principal (afranchi@ccsd.edu)

Mary Patella, Assistant Principal (mpatella@ccsd.edu)

Angie Watt, Assistant Principal (awatt@ccsd.edu)

Jennifer Catina, School Psychologist (jcatina2@ccsd.edu)

Stephanie Melendez, School Psychologist (smelendez@ccsd.edu)

Katrina Kaplan, School Psychologist (kchulla@ccsd.edu)

Tess Brogan, Dean of Students (TBROGAN@ccsd.edu)

Susan Gold, Student Assistance Counselor (sgold@ccsd.edu)

Shari Ovadia-Kallenberg, Student Assistance Counselor (sovadia@ccsd.edu)

Clarkstown High School South:

Debra Tarantino, Principal (dtarantino@ccsd.edu)

Kevin Horan, Administrator (khoran@ccsd.edu)

Julie Dahl-Jacobs, Assistant Principal (jdahl@ccsd.edu)

Thomas Jeffery, Assistant Principal (tjeffery@ccsd.edu)

Khris Arvanites, Dean of Students (karvanites@ccsd.edu)


*Please check with school administration to confirm that the listed individual is an active coordinator.