What is the Dignity for All Students Act? 

New York State’s Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act) seeks to provide the State’s public elementary and secondary school students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment, and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function.


East Ramapo Central School District Website

District DASA Coordinator:

Ogechi Iwuoha (OIwuoha@ercsd.org)

Early Childhood Center Coordinators:

Jacqueline Polanco-Fernandez (jpolanco@ercsd.org)

Marie-Carmel Durandisse (Mdurandisse@ercsd.org)

Eldorado Elementary School Coordinators:

Astrid Johnson (ajohnson@ercsd.org)

Jenny Slomiany (jslomiany@ercsd.org)

Daphne Momperousse (dmomperousse@ercsd.org)

Elmwood Elementary School Coordinators:

Ellen Andriello (eandriello@ercsd.org)

Ann Vergine (avergine@ercsd.org)

Dina Halberstam (dhalberstam@ercsd.org)

Fleetwood Elementary School Coordinators:

Carolyn Partridge (cpartridge@ercsd.org)

Joanne Louis ( jlouis@ercsd.org)

Grandview Elementary  School Coordinators:

Patricia Smith (psmith@ercsd.org)

Greg Donnis (gdonnis@ercsd.org)

Hempstead Elementary School Coordinators:

Hazel Ortiz (hortiz@ercsd.org)

Lyza Granata(lgranata@ercsd.org)

Kakiat STEAM Academy Coordinators:

Jennifer Wilmoth (jwilmoth@ercsd.org)

Jessica Cintro (jcintron@ercsd.org)

Barbara Thomas (bthomas@ercsd.org

Carolyn Florimon (cflorimon@ercsd.org)

Lime Kiln Elementary School Coordinators:

Lori Grant (lgrant@ercsd.org)

Eric Quail (equail@ercsd.org)

Bill Ryan (wryan@ercsd.org)

Meryl Paul (mpaul@ercsd.org

Margetts Elementary School Coordinators:

Barbara Grieco (bgrieco@ercsd.org)

Wendy Peguero (wpeguero@ercsd.org)

Summit Park Elementary School Coordinators:

Kim A. Hewlett (khewlett@ercsd.org)

Cynthia Norman (cnorman@ercsd.org

Fay Bessler (fbessler@ercsd.org)

Chestnut Ridge Middle School Coordinators:

Holly Zuber-Banks (hzuber@ercsd.org)

Stephanie Difate (sdilfate@ercsd.org)

Pomona Middle School Coordinators:

Angela Alexander (aalexander@ercsd.org)

Tanya Brightly (tbrightly@ercsd.org)

Ramapo High School Coordinators:

Michael Phillips (mphillips@ercsd.org)

Robin Lewitas (rlewitas@ercsd.org)

Spring Valley High School Coordinators: 

Dr. Dionne Olamiju (dolamiju@ercsd.org)

Dr. Loretta Horne (lhorne@ercsd.org)


*Please check with school administration to confirm that the listed individual is an active coordinator.