What is the Dignity for All Students Act? 

New York State’s Dignity for All Students Act (The Dignity Act) seeks to provide the State’s public elementary and secondary school students with a safe and supportive environment free from discrimination, intimidation, taunting, harassment, and bullying on school property, a school bus and/or at a school function.

CLICK the name of a SCHOOL DISTRICT TO find a complete list of Dasa coordinators and CONTACT information or scroll through the complete list below.

Clarkstown Central School District

East Ramapo Central School District

Nanuet Union Free School District

North Rockland Central School District

Nyack School District

Pearl River School District

Rockland BOCES

South Orangetown Central School District

Suffern Central School District 




Clarkstown Central School District Website

Bardonia Elementary School:

Christina Arlt, Principal (carlt@ccsd.edu)

Rita Schmidt, School Psychologist (rschmidt@ccsd.edu)

Birchwood School:

Jon Slaybaugh, Principal (jslaybaugh@ccsd.edu)

Susan Buchweitz, Social Worker (sbuchweitz@ccsd.edu)

Joseph Yanni, School Psychologist (jyanni@ccsd.edu)

Lakewood Elementary School:

Dr. Joan Taylor. Principal (jtaylor@ccsd.edu)

Dr. Ann Harnett, School Psychologist (aharnett@ccsd.edu)

Jennifer Wolf, Student Assistance Counselor (jwolf@ccsd.edu)

Laurel Plains Elementary School:

Carol Pilla, Principal (cpilla@ccsd.edu)

Caryn Friedland, School Psychologist (cfriedland@ccsd.edu)

Link Elementary School:

Francine Cuccia, Principal (fcuccia2@ccsd.edu)

Jennifer Grundstein, School Psychologist (jgrundstein@ccsd.edu)

Andrea Zaris, Student Assistance Counselor (azaris@ccsd.edu)

Little Tor Elementary School:

Matthew Younghans, Principal (myounghans@ccsd.edu)

Kristen Byrne, School Psychologist (kbyrne@ccsd.edu)

New City Elementary School:

Debra Forman, Principal (dforman@ccsd.edu)

Dara Nevins, School Psychologist (dnevins@ccsd.edu)

Chip James, Student Assistance Counselor (Djames@ccsd.edu

Strawtown Elementary School:

Martha Ryan, Principal (mryan@ccsd.edu)

Dr. Beth Bennett, School Psychologist (ebennett@ccsd.edu)

George Groth, School Psychologist (ggroth@ccsd.edu)

Theresa Dowd, Student Assistance Counselor (tdowd@ccsd.edu)

West Nyack Elementary School: 

Annie Streiff, Principal (astreiff@ccsd.edu)

Elyse Hausner (ehausner@ccsd.edu)

Nicole Katz (nkatz@ccsd.edu)

Woodglen Elementary School: 

Lisa Maher, Principal (lmaher@ccsd.edu)

Amy Meltzer (ameltzer@ccsd.edu)

Meredith Grant, School Psychologist (mgrant@ccsd.edu)

Theresa Dowd, Student Assistance Counselor (tdowd@ccsd.edu)

Felix Festa Middle School:

Christine Madigan, Assistant Principal (cmadigan@ccsd.edu)

Scott Lercher, Assistant Principal (slercher@ccsd.edu)

Dr. Max O'Casey, Assistant Principal (mocasey@ccsd.edu)

Clarkstown High School North:

Harry Leonardatos, Principal (hleonardatos@ccsd.edu)

Amy Pages, Assistant Principal (afranchi@ccsd.edu)

Mary Patella, Assistant Principal (mpatella@ccsd.edu)

Angie Watt, Assistant Principal (awatt@ccsd.edu)

Jennifer Catina, School Psychologist (jcatina2@ccsd.edu)

Stephanie Melendez, School Psychologist (smelendez@ccsd.edu)

Katrina Kaplan, School Psychologist (kchulla@ccsd.edu)

Tess Brogan, Dean of Students (TBROGAN@ccsd.edu)

Susan Gold, Student Assistance Counselor (sgold@ccsd.edu)

Shari Ovadia-Kallenberg, Student Assistance Counselor (sovadia@ccsd.edu)

Clarkstown High School South:

Debra Tarantino, Principal (dtarantino@ccsd.edu)

Kevin Horan, Administrator (khoran@ccsd.edu)

Julie Dahl-Jacobs, Assistant Principal (jdahl@ccsd.edu)

Thomas Jeffery, Assistant Principal (tjeffery@ccsd.edu)

Khris Arvanites, Dean of Students (karvanites@ccsd.edu)

East Ramapo Central School District Website

District DASA Coordinator:

Ogechi Iwuoha (OIwuoha@ercsd.org)

Early Childhood Center Coordinators:

Jacqueline Polanco-Fernandez (jpolanco@ercsd.org)

Marie-Carmel Durandisse (Mdurandisse@ercsd.org)

Eldorado Elementary School Coordinators:

Astrid Johnson (ajohnson@ercsd.org)

Jenny Slomiany (jslomiany@ercsd.org)

Daphne Momperousse (dmomperousse@ercsd.org)

Elmwood Elementary School Coordinators:

Ellen Andriello (eandriello@ercsd.org)

Ann Vergine (avergine@ercsd.org)

Dina Halberstam (dhalberstam@ercsd.org)

Fleetwood Elementary School Coordinators:

Carolyn Partridge (cpartridge@ercsd.org)

Joanne Louis ( jlouis@ercsd.org)

Grandview Elementary  School Coordinators:

Patricia Smith (psmith@ercsd.org)

Greg Donnis (gdonnis@ercsd.org)

Hempstead Elementary School Coordinators:

Hazel Ortiz (hortiz@ercsd.org)

Lyza Granata(lgranata@ercsd.org)

Kakiat STEAM Academy Coordinators:

Jennifer Wilmoth (jwilmoth@ercsd.org)

Jessica Cintro (jcintron@ercsd.org)

Barbara Thomas (bthomas@ercsd.org

Carolyn Florimon (cflorimon@ercsd.org)

Lime Kiln Elementary School Coordinators:

Lori Grant (lgrant@ercsd.org)

Eric Quail (equail@ercsd.org)

Bill Ryan (wryan@ercsd.org)

Meryl Paul (mpaul@ercsd.org

Margetts Elementary School Coordinators:

Barbara Grieco (bgrieco@ercsd.org)

Wendy Peguero (wpeguero@ercsd.org)

Summit Park Elementary School Coordinators:

Kim A. Hewlett (khewlett@ercsd.org)

Cynthia Norman (cnorman@ercsd.org

Fay Bessler (fbessler@ercsd.org)

Chestnut Ridge Middle School Coordinators:

Holly Zuber-Banks (hzuber@ercsd.org)

Stephanie Difate (sdilfate@ercsd.org)

Pomona Middle School Coordinators:

Angela Alexander (aalexander@ercsd.org)

Tanya Brightly (tbrightly@ercsd.org)

Ramapo High School Coordinators:

Michael Phillips (mphillips@ercsd.org)

Robin Lewitas (rlewitas@ercsd.org)

Spring Valley High School Coordinators: 

Dr. Dionne Olamiju (dolamiju@ercsd.org)

Dr. Loretta Horne (lhorne@ercsd.org)

Pearl River School District Website

District Coordinator:
Todd Santabarbara, Director of Physical Education and Athletics
Pearl River School District (santabarbarat@pearlriver.org)

Pearl River High School Building Level Coordinator:
Andrea Pompey, Assistant Principal (pompeya@pearlriver.org)

Pearl River Middle School Building Level Coordinator:
Dr. Kristin Talleyrand, Assistant Principal (talleyrandk@pearlriver.org)

Evans Park Elementary School Building Level Coordinator:
Peggy Lynch, Principal (lynchp@pearlriver.org)

Franklin Avenue Elementary School Building Level Coordinator:
Maureen Alaimo, Principal (alaimom@pearlriver.org)

Lincoln Avenue Elementary School Building Level Coordinator:
Kathleenann Cool, Principal (coolk@pearlriver.org)

Nanuet Union Free School District Website

Nanuet School District DASA Coordinator:

R. Gilmour

G.W. Miller Elementary School Coordinator:

Maryellen Griffin, Principal (mgriffin@nanuetsd.org)

Highview Elementary School Coordinator: 

Nancy Bonner, Principal (nbonner@nanuetsd.org)

A. MacArthur Barr 5-6 Academy for Excellence Coordinator:

Anne Chen, Principal (annchen1@nanuetsd.org)

A. MacArthur Barr Middle School Coordinator: 

Roger Guccione, Principal (rguccion@nanuetsd.org)

Nanuet Senior High School Coordinator:

Frank Mazzuca, Athletic Director (fmazzuca@nanuetsd.org)

North Rockland Central School District Website

North Rockland High School Coordinator:

Jorge Montero (jmontero@northrockland.org)

Fieldstone Middle School Coordinator:

Natalie Santopietro (nsantopietro@northrockland.org)

James A. Farley Elementary School Coordinator:

Francisco Ovalles (fovalles@northrockland.org)

Haverstraw Elementary School Cordinator:

Amaris Scalia (ascalia@northrockland.org)

Willow Grove Elementary School Coordinator:

Lynn Rochford (lrochford@northrockland.org)

Stony Point Elementary School Coordinator:

Jennifer Luongo (jljluongo@northrockland.org)

Thiells Elementary School Coordinator:

Rebecca Mizrahi (rmizrahi@northrockland.org)

West Haverstraw Elementary School Coordinator:

BethShusterman (bshusterman@northrockland.org)

Nyack School District Website

Nyack School District DASA Coordinator:

Dr. Giordanella (845) 353-7045

Valley Cottage Elementary School Coordinator:

Regina Cappiello, Principal (rcappiello@nyackschools.org)

Liberty Elementary School Coordinator:

Ellen Rechenberger,  Principal (erechenberger@nyackschools.org)

Upper Nyack Elementary School Coordinator:

Joe Mercora, Principal (jmercora@nyackschools.org)

Nyack Middle School Coordinator:

Lucrisha Addison- Harris, Assistant Principal (laddison@nyackschools.org)

Nyack High School Coordinator:

Lucia Pichardo, Assistant Principal (lpichardo@nyackschools.org)

Rockland BOCES Website

DASA Coordinator for Central Office Rockland BOCES: 

Ana Reluzco (areluzco@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator At-Large Rockland BOCES: 

Kleo Girandola (kgirandola@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator for Career & Technical Education (CTE):

Kim Bell (kbell@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator Liaison for River View High School:

Joyce Mucci (jmucci@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator for District-Based Programs & Division Office:

Maryclare Farrington (mfarrington@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator for CBI-Tech & High School TASC:

Pam Charles (pcharles@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator for Tappan Zee High School & District-Based Programs:

Susan Ryan (sryan@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator for Jesse J. Kaplan School:

Gianluca DiMuccio (gdimuccio@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator for Hilltop School & District-Based Programs:

Christine Ditrano (cditrano@rboces.org)

DASA Coordinator for Hudson Valley P-TECH:

Natasha Shea (nshea@rboces.org)

South Orangetown Central School District Website

District Wide DASA Coordinator:

Human Resource Department (845) 680-1030

Jeremy Barker (jbarker@socsd.org)

William O. Schaefer Elementary School DASA Coordinators:

Main Office:  (845) 680-1300

Nora Polansky (npolansky@socsd.org)

Jeannine Carr (jcarr@socsd.org)

Tom Colgan (tcolgan@socsd.org)

Cottage Lane Elementary School DASA Coordinators:

Main Office:  (845) 680-1500

Karen Ramirez (kramirez@socsd.org)

Sheila Beglin (sbeglin@socsd.org)

Lind King (lking@socsd.org)

South Orangetown Middle School DASA Coordinators:

Main Office:  (845) 680-1100

Dan Sullivan (dsullivan@socsd.org)

Siobhan Maiorano (smaiorano@socsd.org)

Tappan Zee High School DASA Coordinators:

Main Office:  (845) 680-1600

Juliet Gevargis (jgevargis@socsd.org)

Richard Neidhart (rneidhart@socsd.org)

Suffern Central School District Website

District DASA Coordinator:

Stephen Walker, Deputy Superintendent for Human Resources (sawalker@ramapocentral.org

Suffern High School Coordinator:

Andrew Trust, Assistant Principal (atrust@ramapocentral.net)

Suffern Middle School Coordinator:

Danielle Castaldo, Assistant Principal (dcastaldo@ramapocentral.net)

Cherry Lane Middle School Coordinator:

Angela Aguilar, Principal (aaguilar@ramapocentral.net)

R.P. Connor Elementary School Coordinator:

Kelly Dowd, Principal (kdowd@ramapocentral.net)

Montebello Elementary School Coordinator:

Teresa Ivey, Principal (tivey@ramapocentral.net)

Sloatsburg Elementary School Coordinator:

Joseph Lloyd, Principal (jlloyd@ramapocentral.net)

Viola Elementary School Coordinator:

Christine Druss, Principal (cdruss@ramapocentral.net)

*Please check with school administration to confirm that the listed individual is an active coordinator.