Kids Connection

Kids Connection is a small group of youth who meet once a week to talk and learn about school, stress, relationships, family, friends and anything else! We provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere for youth to vent their frustrations, share their achievements and work things out with each other. We do this by playing games, having discussions, watching videos, listening to music, and many other activities.


In a four-session conflict resolution program for second graders, trained prevention educators use role-play, stories, games, and music to help students learn how to recognize angry feelings and resolve conflicts peacefully. The children also learn to verbalize their feelings through “I” messages, to control their frustrations with “cool off” techniques, and to find solutions to prevent aggressive behaviors.


Both iTHINK and iCARE are four-session program in which fourth grade students learn about peer pressure refusal skills, goal setting, decision-making, communication, media literacy and digital citizenship. Students learn to apply critical thinking sills while navigating digital technology, and acquire safety skills to make smart social media decisions.  In the iCARE program students are also taught the negative effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.

Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse (VAASA)

Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse is a peer-to-peer program in which high school varsity athletes take an oath to remain alcohol- and other-drug free. They are then trained by CANDLE staff to address younger students and to serve as positive role models. VAASA members bring their message to elementary school classes, explaining to their younger audiences why choosing not to drink or use other drugs is a wise choice.

CANDLE provides training to schools and athletic groups in order to help these student-athletes provide the best information to the students they will train.

Too Good for Drugs and Violence

A seven to ten session interactive, evidence-based program that is taught once a week by CANDLE Prevention Educators.  It focuses on developing personal and interpersonal skills to resist pressures to use drugs and engage in violent behaviors.  Skills include: goal setting, decision-making, bonding with others, identifying and managing emotions, and communicating effectively.  The Too Good Program is available for youth in kindergarten through high school.

Girls Circle

Girls Circle is a program that meets weekly during lunch periods or after school. The group provides a comfortable atmosphere where girls take turns listening and talking to one another about concerns and interests. Our goal is to foster self-esteem and allow for genuine self expression through verbal sharing and creative activity.The girls are able to express themselves through creative activities that include role playing, drama, journaling, poetry, movement, drawing, and collage. They explore their uniqueness as well as their similarities, while learning to respect both themselves and others. Themes covered include being a girl, trusting ourselves, friendship, body image, goals, personal growth, self-worth, diversity and decision-making.


For more information about any of the programs listed above please contact:
Annie Scott
(845) 634-6677 ext. 13